If you want the truth, start with the facts.


The art and science of objectivity.

In an age of political discord and competing truths, it’s clear that rational, unbiased, fact-driven analysis is more vital than ever. Only through the lens of objectivity can we seek to understand and address the diverse range of global issues that society will face in the coming years.

One of the highest profile social issues of 2017 is the rise in the number of people who identify as transgender. It’s an issue that also poses a complex healthcare challenge, as treatments like gender-transformation surgery and hormone therapy become more common. As demands for transgender health services increase, insurers will need to rely on both medical professionals and forward-thinking data experts to help them accurately assess this emerging field of coverage.

Another issue with profound social implications is the expansion of life insurance coverage, which—thanks to recent improvements such as automated underwriting and data sourcing—has now become dramatically more accessible.

Imagine if you could predict how and when you will die. Advanced computer modeling of individuals, combined with enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, is making the unknowable much more predictable.

The key to addressing any global healthcare challenge is creating a clear picture of the issue. Due in part to outdated IT systems and siloed health data, establishing a baseline is exceptionally complicated. See how Milliman is bridging the data gaps.

Life in the digital era is producing a previously unthinkable quantity and quality of data. From the boom in construction of data centres to the proliferation of hyper-personalized apps and consumer technology, see how data is changing our world .

Wearable technologies are not only transforming society and improving individual health, they are helping health insurers provide lower premium costs. Of course, these benefits carry risks of their own.

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